Gray Squirrel Removal

Gray Squirrel Removal and Control

Gray squirrels inside and outside homes and commercial buildings are a common problem affecting hundreds of thousands worldwide. 

They can do extensive property damage along with posing severe health risks. Therefore, it is vital to be proactive instead of reactive and know what squirrels do, and the risks they pose and stop them from entering your attics, crawlspaces, garages and other areas where they will find comfort.

Gray squirrels enter homes and businesses almost anywhere. Typically they sneak in via gaps in damaged roofs and vents. Then, they burrow into insulation and chew wires destroying and causing extensive damage.

Our Gray Squirrel Removal Process

At Wilkins Wildlife, our ultimate goal is to eliminate your squirrel problem and implement exclusion techniques so they cannot re-enter the space where they have set up home.

Our methods are humane, safe and effective. We use live squirrel trapping, for example, to reduce harm.

As mentioned, squirrels do pose severe health risks. They carry diseases, parasites and other illnesses. So, in addition, to live squirrels trapping, their possible entry points must be sealed. For example, sealing gaps in doors, windows, crawlspaces, attics, roofs and vents.

The Wilkins Wildlife team does a thorough inspection to find out where the squirrel or squirrels are entering.

Once the squirrels are removed and entry points are sealed, the repair of damaged insulation, wires and other elements must be done to keep everyone safe.

Please note that other, even more dangerous, wildlife animals can use the same gaps to get inside your home and commercial building.

Why Choose Us

Are squirrels keeping you up at night, scurrying around your attic? Yes, squirrel problems continue to rise across the states, so you are in no way alone.

Once you have one, it can be a nightmare to eliminate them. DIY methods do not work. Without the proper exclusions put in place, trust us, they will return. 

We at Wilkins Wildlife have a team of squirrel removal and control experts who will provide safe and humane services. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today.

Our squirrel removal and control services are offered to residential and commercial properties on the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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