Bat Removal

Humane Bat Removal and Control

Do you have a gap in your home that’s no wider than a dime? Did you know bats are brilliant, with an intelligence level comparable to horses and dolphins? Therefore, finding these gaps and entering for warmth and shelter is relatively easy.

When they find entry to a home or business, danger follows. With bats come health and safety risks. Bats are notorious for entering attics which brings a pressing concern as their droppings, also called guano, collect and facilitate the spread of disease. Guano provides a welcoming environment for many severe disease-causing bacteria to grow.

Exposure by touch and inhalation can cause infection of histoplasmosis, leptospirosis, salmonellosis and parasites.

Types of Bats

Did you know that bats are the only flying mammals, and there are over 1,400 types of bats all across the globe?

The hoary bat is the most widespread type, considered one of America’s most handsome of all. 

However, seventeen bat species are recorded in the eastern United States, with several federally endangered.

The four most common non-game protected species include:

  • Mexican free-tailed bat, also known as the Brazilian free-tailed bat
  • Big brown bat
  • Evening bat
  • Little brown bat

Our Removal Process

At Wilkins Wildlife, our bat removal process begins with thoroughly inspecting the interior and exterior and knowing precisely how why and when the bats are gaining access is critical.

Typically, bats hide in attics, walls, chimneys, roof vents, sidings, and eaves. Once it is determined there were about, we will discuss the proper plan of action to remove the bats thoroughly and successfully.

After, if clean-up and repair are needed, we will discuss those issues along with the required prevention techniques needed to keep the bats from returning, with no details left unspoken.

Lastly, we will provide you with an estimate for all the necessary services.

Why Choose Us

Bats do play a key role in our ecosystem. However, they should not be allowed to reside in homes and businesses. As mentioned, they pose a significant health risk to all who come in contact without the proper bat removal and control.

If you suspect you have bats, they have likely been inside your attic, chimney, porch ceiling or elsewhere for quite some time, as they are typically quiet. Seeing their droppings is the telltale sign to know they are roosting inside your home or business.

At Wilkins Wildlife, we prioritize safe trapping and control with excellent service and client education. Our bat removal and control service areas spread across the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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