Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrel Removal and Control

Do you often hear scratching on your walls and the pitter-patter of feet running around in your attic?

Flying squirrels will sometimes enter homes as temperatures drop to seek warmth. Although rare in some areas, flying squirrels will often gather in attics or walls.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal, and hearing scampering or scratching in your walls at night is a dead giveaway. Unfortunately, these little critters love to gnaw on electrical wiring and use insulation as nesting.

Do you think you have a flying squirrel infestation in your hands? Wilkins Wildlife can help you with flying squirrels removal and control.

Flying Squirrels Removal

Some people find flying squirrels adorable. However, behind the big, fluffy tails hides a troublemaker. When these creatures enter your home, they create cracks and holes.

While there are no records of flying squirrels carrying rabies, studies show they can carry typhus. In addition, flying squirrels can carry various parasites and lice.

Here’s what you can expect in a flying squirrel removal service by Wilkins Wildlife.

Home Inspection: We begin with thoroughly inspecting the home or business. It allows us to determine the identities of wildlife pests in your home. In your case, it ensures that flying squirrels and not regular squirrels. Since these squirrels are often in attics and behind walls, we thoroughly check those areas.

Some signs include chew marks, tiny entry points, and scratches inside your house. You can also identify flying squirrels by scent, droppings, and tracks.

Placing a Live Burrow Trap: After locating their den, we remove them. We start with setting up a burrow trap that fits in their dens. Inside is a bait and a monitor trap. The bait lures them inside, and the monitor trap prevents them from leaving. When assured every squirrel is no longer inside, we remove the trap. 

Flying Squirrels Control

Wilkins Wildlife offers safe and effective control techniques to prevent flying squirrels from returning.


Exclusion is a method of securing all entry points and leaving one accessible. For example, once your home is clear of flying squirrels, Wilkins Wildlife offers exclusion and repair services that prevent them from returning.

Our techniques use multiple exclusion metal products depending on the structure substrates to seal openings and holes left by pests and nuisance wildlife.

Doing so ensures that wires, insulation, piping and more are not chewed by the critters again.

We use metal ridge protection systems and sealers that expand and contract with temperatures on additional entry points. 


Apart from pest removal, preventing the return of the creatures is crucial. Often, pest control companies only focus on wildlife animal removal without focusing on repairs, exclusion and prevention. These additional services are vital and must be addressed.

The team at Wilkins Wildlife does a thorough inspection and will discuss in detail the required services.

Why Choose Us

Flying squirrels nest in groups. When they infest your home or business, they make humans and pets vulnerable to severe health issues, and they can cause extreme property damage. Therefore, it is vital to eliminate them and prevent them from returning. An expert is needed to do this service safely, humanely and effectively.

Wilkins Wildlife offers humane trapping methods and effective exclusion techniques. In addition, these little critters can do quite a bit of damage, so we do damage repair as well.

We assure you that you will be happy, so we welcome you to put your flying squirrel problem in our hands. 

We service the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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