Shrew Removal

Shrew Removal and Control

Shrews are small mammals that bear a close resemblance to mice, except for their long, pointed snouts. Shrews are mainly outdoor dwellers, although they are not shy about entering homes and commercial buildings when seeking food or shelter.

Shrews have razor-sharp teeth enabling them to gnaw on the roots of trees easily. In doing so, they dig into your yard and garden root systems in search of food and cause havoc. In addition, they contaminate outdoor food sources with their urine and feces.

Therefore, regarding shrews removal, the faster you move, the better. Armed with the proper knowledge and expert help, you can say goodbye to your shrew problem.

Shrew Prevention Tips

Keep Your Yard Clean

The first step in shrews control is keeping your yard as clean and orderly as possible. This is because shrews live in burrows. Most of the time, they will dig their own, but they will be quick to use what they find.

If you have tree stumps or gaps under your shed, a shrew will move right in as they quickly adapt to their new surroundings.

Shrews gather twigs and dry grass from your yard to line their burrows and make nests. This is why it is essential to cut grass often and not leave any nesting material around. Fill in any holes you find, and remove stumps if it looks like a good candidate for a burrow. By maintaining your yard, you will be able to spot burrows easily. It’s crucial to deal with a shrew before they have time to cause too much damage or reproduce.

Get Rid of Bugs

The best way to keep your property rodent-proof is to eliminate food sources. Shrews love to eat insects, so preventing insect infestations is key. By eliminating tall grass and overgrown shrubs, you eliminate places for insects to hide and their food sources. In turn, the shrews won’t have the insects to eat, which stops your yard from becoming an ideal spot for future nests.

Setting Traps

Many of us quickly try to set store-bought traps as we would do for mice. Yes, they will kill one shrew, but what about the others that follow. You can find yourself dealing with a shrew problem that won’t go away.

By contacting Wilkins Wildlife, we provide humane trapping techniques; for example, self-closing cages do not kill the shrews and let us relocate them to another natural habitat away from your property.

Our humane traps are better and more effective than cruel alternatives. 

Why Choose Us

Shrew removal sounds straightforward but can be tricky. Finding them is half the battle, while the rest is trapping them humanely. Hiring experts make the process so much easier.

The best way to go about shrew removal is to contact Wilkins Wildlife. Our team does the removal without fuss or cruelty. We know where and what to look for and how to solve your shrew problem efficiently.

Contact us today to find out how we can help. Our shrew removal services are offered to the Eastern Shores of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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