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If you encounter a skunk, there are a few warning signs you can see before the skunk will spray. For example, a skunk that charges at you stomps its front legs, or hisses is showing aggressive behavior and is likely to attack.

It’s vital to be careful when a skunk is near and to contact a skunk removal professional when one, two or more are inhabiting your property.

Whether you find a skunk in the yard or notice one in your neighborhood, it’s always best to proceed cautiously.

Handling skunks can be extremely dangerous unless you are part of a trained wildlife control service. Not only do skunks bite, scratch, and spray, but they also carry diseases.

Skunks are one of the primary sources of rabies, so it’s crucial to keep your pets as far away as possible.

Several parasites affect skunks that can spread to you or your pets. Parasites like ticks, fleas, tapeworms, and roundworms are common ones.

Permit Requirements

Many wildlife animals, including skunks, are considered protected wildlife. Therefore, you need a permit or license before removing them, even if they are on your property.

Even if you safely remove the skunk from your home, there are specific areas where it can be released. First, however, you need access to these sites to release them.

While the rules and regulations differ in each state, it’s best to leave the removal or dispatch of these animals to licensed professionals.

Skunk Prevention

While removing skunks must be left to the experts, you can do a few things to prevent them from returning. First, reducing their access to food, water, and shelter makes your property less attractive to them.

Managing the number of insects and grubs in your yard effectively reduces their food source. If they can’t easily access insects, they’re less likely to dig around your yard for options. In addition, cutting down overgrown shrubbery can be an excellent way to prevent skunks from using the area as a den.

Once a skunk has made a den in your yard, it will be less challenging to get rid of them when you contact Wilkins Wildlife.

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Understanding the skunk removal process is important if you want to avoid dangerous situations. You need to be trained in skunk control if you want to attempt handling them on your own, so it’s always best to contact a professional.

If you think you might have skunks on your property, perhaps under the deck or patio, contact us. Wilkins Wildlife & Bedbug 911 is a full-service provider on the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland & Virginia.

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