Repairs & Exclusions

Expert Repairs & Exclusions

Once Wilkins Wildlife completes professional, affordable and efficient pest and wildlife removal services to homes and businesses, it’s time to install exclusions to keep the wildlife animals out for good and repair the damage caused.

The best offense against these critters returning and spreading disease is an excellent defense.

A thorough inspection will follow the repairs and exclusions to address any additional gaps, holes, cracks and other possible entry points where wildlife can enter.

Below we list our repair and exclusion services.

Ridge Guard Installation

Ridge-Guard® is a system for guarding against animal entry at the roof ridge.  With the advent of ridge vents to protect shingles from overheating in the summer, and excess moisture building up in the attic in the winter due to heat loss, came the extra issues associated with a large vent opening across the entire ridge of the home.

No more!

Standard plastic ridge-venting, as well as most other types of roof ridge vents, can be made secure from pests by the application of Ridge-Guard®.

Chimney Crown Coat/Seal

We use Crown Coat because of its unique “quick drying” water base technology and easy brush-on application.

CrownCoat Brushable Sealant has become a favorite among chimney professionals. Like Crown Seal, Crown Coat is premixed and can be used wherever a long-lasting waterproof membrane is needed.

We May Fill larger cracks and voids with patching cement or high-quality caulk, then apply two coats of CrownCoat, which it will completely dry in 2-4 hours. Carries a 15-year warranty.

Xclusion Pro Roof Vent Pest Guards

Xclusion Pro™ roof vent pest guards are made from the same durable material as Ridge-Guard®.

This guard keeps raccoons, mice, birds, squirrels, stinging insects and more out of roof vents.

The added benefit is damage prevention!

Why Choose Us

When you hire Wilkins Wildlife BedBug 911 to inspect your property thoroughly, you can rest assured our experts know precisely where vulnerable entry points in your home or commercial structure may let wildlife animals in. In addition to exclusions, our repairs are top-notch.

Feel free to contact us to discuss our full line of wildlife removal, repair and exclusion services which we offer to the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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