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Rodent Removal and Control

Are you looking into rodent removal services for your pest problem?

Rodents are some of the most common pests that homeowners struggle with. Because of their ability to fit through small holes, they can easily intrude on your property.

If a rodent decides to nest in your home or commercial building they can do extensive damage as they gnaw on electrical wiring and wood to create their nests. 

Aside from the physical damage, rodents also pose a considerable health hazard to your family and pets. Rats and mice can carry ticks and fleas, infect your pets, and infest carpets. This can result in a much more problematic pest infestation.


Identifying Rodents

The first step in rodent removal is to identify the type of pest you’re dealing with. The location of nests in your home may vary depending on your rodent problem. Mice can squeeze through dime-sized holes and door sweeps, and tiny gaps.

Delaware, Virginia and Maryland are home to two types of rats: roof and Norway. As the name suggests, roof rats prefer high entry points and often nest in neglected attics. Norway rats prefer to live in grassy areas but may take up residence in your home and commercial building when the temperatures drop.

A thorough house inspection will allow us to identify the pest and their nesting sites. This will also help us find points of entry that we can remedy following the proper removal.

Removal and Exclusion

Many rodent removal companies implement lethal methods to capture and eliminate pests. However, these methods can be dangerous to humans and other animals.

Chemical control weaponizes toxic fumes to immobilize and kill rodents but can put your pets at risk.

Wilkins Wildlife specializes in humane pest removal methods that are safe and effective.

Our physical rodent control methods involve a live burrow trap for burrowing rodents. We also have other live traps to capture rodents nesting in your home or commercial building.

Following the removal, we will utilize exclusion techniques to prevent the re-entry of unwanted pests.

Why Choose Us

After enlisting our services, we recommend that you follow prevention methods to keep rodents out of your home or commercial building. This will include limiting food sources for rodents. In addition, keep your home clean, and remember to wipe down surfaces after eating.

Doing this will allow you to eliminate food crumbs and debris that may be attractive to rodents. It’s also advised to keep food in an air-tight container and not leave pet food around.

A rodent infestation can be frustrating and even dangerous to handle alone. Wilkins Wildlife specializes in wildlife and rodent removal so that you can move on without worry.

We offer our services across the eastern shore of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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