Mink Removal

Mink Removal and Control

Minks are small yet aggressive predators that target fish, birds, and poultry. They are sleek semi-aquatic animals hunting day and night. If you suspect their presence, it’s vital to call for mink removal services to do a thorough inspection, discuss removing them and identify the damaged areas.

Identify Areas of Damage

Since minks often reuse abandoned dens, they only cause a little significant damage to properties. So instead, these creatures hunt your fish, chickens, and other pets as food. 

Wilkins Wildlife tracks evidence of infestation to provide accurate identification of the pest. If you live on the Eastern shores of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, you know these small yet aggressive animals are everywhere.

One sign of wild minks is kitten-like tracks leading to their prey or den. If you have a hatchery or chicken pen, you may find carcasses. Minks also feed on other wildlife, like muskrats.

Live Trapping

After Wilkins Wildlife perform an initial inspection, our team proceeds with devising a mink removal procedure. Wilkins Wildlife offers humane trapping methods. To rid of minks, we use a live land trap.

This kind of trapping procedure involves the use of reinforced land traps and baits. Because minks are carnivores, fresh kills can lure them into the trap. Bloody chicken meat, fresh fish, and muskrat carcasses can be used as bait.

However, minks are clever animals.

Minks often get suspicious of new things. Therefore, the traps must be placed in a particular spot where a professional such as Wilkins Wildlife will know where.

As mentioned before, minks leave tracks. Often, the traps are placed along their paths. For best results, they are put in an area where the minks cannot go around and must enter inside.

Mink Exclusion & Prevention

Mink Exclusion

Our exclusion procedure ensures that minks do not nest on your property again. Our mink exclusion technique prevents their re-entry by securing access points. 

Remember, minks are small, aggressive animals that can fit into tiny openings. Thus, sealing the gaps larger than an inch around your property is a must.

With this, you can keep your pets safe and never worry about mink infestation.


Apart from the other methods, prevention practices can help keep minks away. Minks are attracted to abundant food sources, so you can first limit their access to them. You can cover your ponds, destroy abandoned dens, or keep your pets out of reach.

Wilkins Wildlife offers repair materials to seal access points. Using these materials ensures wildlife cannot get inside.

Why Choose Us

As mentioned, minks are aggressive wildlife animals. Often, they cause damage to poultry and fishponds by targeting the creatures in the area. When minks prey on chickens, fish and pets its time to contact Wilkins Wildlife. 

At Wilkins Wildlife, we offer professional wildlife removal and control services. We offer our services on the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia! To know more about our wildlife removal services, contact us here!

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