Frequently Asked Questions

Please review some of our frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, the best thing to do is reach out by telephone or email and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Do you charge for Estimates?2018-07-17T16:23:11+00:00

We do not charge for estimates, however if we provide and  perform a professional inspection,  we do charge a fee.

Do you warranty your work?2018-07-17T16:24:04+00:00

Yes we don’t dabble- we specialize! That’s part of our value and commitment to you- we stand behind our work 100%.

Wildlife exclusion or repair work is always warranty for one year for workmanship.

Bedbug heat treatments are warranted for one year as long as the client is active in our monitoring program. The warranty is excluded from rental properties and group homes.

What do you do with the animals?2018-07-17T16:25:02+00:00

Whenever possible we remove and relocate animals.

Animal relocation is dependent on species. Animals are normally relocated if the state law allows.We normally relocate them to a  non-habitation area.

What do you use to catch the animals?2018-07-17T16:25:46+00:00

We use humane cages and trapping techniques.

Will the animals come back?2018-07-17T16:26:34+00:00

At the time of service we make every effort to identify and correct the entry area and other possible entry points.

Animals do not return if they are taken Away with a minimum of 15 miles

Do Bed Bugs bite? Do they fly?2018-07-22T03:23:37+00:00

Bedbugs do not bite, they do not have a mouth. Bed Bugs have a barbed tongue that is protected by a hard outer shell.  Is very similar to a mosquitoes needle that uses to draw blood. Bedbugs cannot fly nor can they jump.

Bed Bugs are very difficult to contain and exterminate. It is essential that you use a professional  who is knowledgeable and qualified to handle complete eradication.

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    Josh Wharton – Gumboro, DE

    Jay is very knowledgeable and prompt. He not only has done pest control/prevention on our home, he also installed a dehumidifier at a huge savings compared to others. He also helped our foundation out with a local family controlling bedbugs. Give him a shot, you will be glad you did. 

    Lisa Reid Trice – Georgetown, DE

    Jay is very professional and knowledgeable in what he does. He took care of our rodent problem like it was nothing. Saved us a ton of money over Ehrlich!!!! He is very efficient and is on top of his game!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jay for your extermination needs!!!

    Bruce Mears – Ocean View, DE

    Integrity, professional, reliable and the vital experience needed to handle all of you needs from bedbugs to critters! They also do quality crawl space work! I highly recommend Wilkins Wildlife & Bedbug 911 for all of your bedbugs, varmints and crawl space needs!!!

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