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With soft furs and puffy checks, gophers can easily swoon your heart and make you want to pet them. Yet, these docile creatures are far from being cute. In reality, they are one of the most destructive rodents that can infiltrate your home.

A gopher can consume 60% of its body weight, growing up to 94-104 grams. Hence, you want to avoid a tiny gopher nesting on your property.

Gophers are small-sized rodents equipped with powerful front claws and teeth. They can quickly burrow through the land, destroying everything on their way.

Like moles, gophers are underground breeders. They create a series of tunnels that can run hundreds of feet below ground. This matrix of tunnels comprises travel runs, a nesting den, food chambers, and even a latrine.
The entrances to these tunnels are horseshoe-shaped dirt mounds.

Notorious Disease Carriers

Aside from their strong teeth, gophers are also known for being carriers of rabies. They don’t exhibit the symptoms themselves, but they’re the best capsules for rabies which can pass through their bite.

However, rabies isn’t the only health risk that this mammal carries. It’s also well-established that gophers can transmit plague, hantavirus, and monkeypox.

In addition, they can also spread Lymphocytic choriomeningitis and leptospirosis.

Gopher Damage

On the surface, their burrows can be aesthetically unpleasant in lawns and gardens. In addition, gophers are vegetarians, so they’ll munch down the roots of plants. As a result, your once-blooming flower or vegetable garden will turn into a barren land in no time. Also, they are trip hazards on our properties, playgrounds and other areas where people are.

Gophers, unlike most rodents, don’t hibernate during winter. Instead, they dig deeper tunnels to avoid the frosty winter.

The deeper they dig, the more damage they cause to your residential or commercial building foundation, mainly because they remove the soil carrying the building structure’s weight.

Moreover, gophers can easily infiltrate your house through your plumbing lines. Soon, they’ll nestle under your bathtub, cupboards, and even inside your walls. Not to mention, gophers are infamous for chewing through cables, wires, and pipes.

Removal Process

To avoid the danger caused by gophers, it’s critical to acquire wildlife control services when you spot signs of gophers on your property. The sooner, the better.

Although gophers are solitary animals, the mating season can be a handful. A once solo-owned burrow might quickly house a colony of gophers.

You can trust Wilkins Wildlife’s team of wildlife removal experts with the complex and sensitive task of wildlife removal.

The easiest and most reliable gopher control method is trapping.

Trapping works best when locating the hot area in the gopher’s borrow. With our state-of-the evidence-tracking process, we’ll provide you with accurate identification.

We also use special traps combined with a technique to make your property free of gophers. Once caught, we’ll secure the area and use a thermal imaging camera to prevent wildlife re-entry.

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There are numerous wildlife control service providers; however, at Wilkins Wildlife, we can assure you that our wildlife removal experts are the best in the industry.

Aside from our experience in wildlife containment and removal, we always put our clients’ needs first. Best of all, we’re committed to using non-toxic and animal-friendly wildlife removal and control services.

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