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The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and spreading cheer. One of the most beloved traditions during this time is decorating businesses, homes and neighborhoods with dazzling Christmas lights.

In the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region, Wilkins WildLights stands as the premier provider of Christmas light installation services, transforming Kent County, DE; Worcester County, MD; Sussex County, DE; and Wicomico County, MD into enchanting wonderlands of light and magic.


Creating Winter Wonderlands

Wilkins WildLights has earned an excellent reputation for its exceptional Christmas light installation services, turning ordinary homes, commercial properties and landscapes into breathtaking winter wonderlands.

With a dedicated team of experts and a deep passion for spreading holiday cheer, Wilkins WildLights brings magic to its communities.

Our company prides itself on providing energy-efficient customized lighting solutions that capture the season's spirit.

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Customized Lighting Designs

All the lighting displays created by Wilkins Wildlights are unique to the home or commercial property. No two lighting installations will ever be the same as the design is created for the individuals and their desires.

We are known for our creative and stunning Christmas lighting displays that never go unnoticed by those passing by and visiting.

 Wilkins Wildlights own ALL lighting, and the lighting is a lease/Rental agreement with a 10% cost reduction the following year 


Professional Installation

Wilkins WildLights takes the hassle out of holiday exterior lighting decorating.

Our experts team handles every aspect of the installation, from designing the layout to meticulously hanging the lights, and always with safety in mind.


Serving Multiple Counties

Wilkins WildLights proudly serves a wide area encompassing Kent County, DE; Worcester County, MD; Sussex County, DE; and Wicomico County, MD. 

Our reach extends across state lines, making us a trusted name in the Delmarva Peninsula. 


Energy-Efficient Solutions

Beyond the dazzling visual spectacle, Wilkins WildLights is committed to sustainability. We offer energy-efficient lighting solutions that not only reduce electricity bills but also have a lower environmental impact.

By utilizing LED lights and other eco-friendly technologies, we contribute to a greener holiday season.

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Safety First

Safety is a top priority for Wilkins WildLights. Our team undergoes rigorous training to ensure that installations are secure and pose no risks to clients or the community.

Additionally, we offer maintenance services to address any issues promptly, ensuring the lights stay brilliant throughout the holiday season.

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