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Have you ever heard of groundhog day?

Every year, crowds will gather around at Gobbler’s Knob in Pennsylvania on February 2. This is a unique United States celebration where people turn to the groundhogs to predict the weather!

Although these little animals are popular, they can cause many issues for people, houses, and businesses. Not only will they affect your daily life, but they also can damage your home and commercial property and spread diseases.

The Problem with Groundhogs

Groundhogs on farms are a common problem as they cause extensive damage to fields. Also, they can cause massive problems for people’s yards, gardens, or landscaping. These animals burrow under the ground, dig up plants, and damage gardens.

When groundhogs come out at night for dinner, they eat everything from grasses and flowers to berries. They can damage every part of your property, and avoiding them at all costs is better.

Their tunneling under sheds or decks can cause issues with the whole building’s structure. They can also make a vast tunnel grid underneath and may cause the building to collapse due to instability.

Groundhogs are also carriers of worms, ticks, and fleas which can carry rabies, tularemia, and sylvatic plague.

For these reasons, they must be eliminated from our properties.

Our Removal Process

Groundhog Inspection

We begin with a thorough inspection of your property. We know the signs and how to identify a groundhog problem.

Next, we’ll decide where, how, and why these critters are entering. Afterward, we’ll customize a strategy to bring them out and keep the nuisance away.

Groundhog Exclusion

Our groundhog removal experts will use baits, traps, and other means to get the groundhog out. We’ll also repair, latch and secure the premises to keep them away.

Groundhog Re-inspection

Our team will be back and re-check your property yearly for wildlife, depending on your needs and plans. In addition, we will inspect previously secure access points and examine for new exposures.

Why Choose Us

As groundhogs can get quite large and have a big bite, it’s vital to be cautious around them.

We recommend extreme caution if homeowners want to get rid of them on their own, as there is a potential risk.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to contact an experienced groundhog removal expert, such as Wilkins Wildlife and let them handle it. We service the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Remember, groundhogs are wild animals and may act predictably, particularly if they’re rabid.

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