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Are you having beaver problems and need experienced beaver removal services? Beavers are large rodents and can be the most destructive for people, farms, and businesses.

Beavers are outdoor pests. Although they don’t enter homes, their dam-building may cause damage to the surroundings. For example, beavers cut down trees, and low places may risk flooding when beavers dam streams.

With their funny flat tails, beady eyes, and prominent front teeth, beavers don’t look like crazed killers but more like little goofballs in the woods. Yet their distinctive incisors can slash through a tree branch with a single chomp. This begs the question, “are beavers dangerous to humans?”

Beavers are safe when left alone. However, they will stand their ground when confronted, like cornered and trapped. The most aggressive behavior that a beaver will exhibit is slapping its paddle tail to create a loud noise in the water.

Effects of Beavers

Without beaver control, some dangers may arise in human environments. For example, beavers may render problems in commercial, residential, and agricultural.

Some signs that point that you have a beaver problem include:

  • Presence of a lodge or dam on your property
  • Sighting of beavers on property
  • Bush and tree cuttings or gnawed lumber
  • Flooding

Beavers may increase water levels as they build their dam, resulting in minor or major flooding. As a result, beavers make dams that may cause floods in roadways, residential areas, and fields. In addition, their dams re-configure the woods.

Beavers are dangerous to human health as they can infest water with the Giardia lamblia parasite. This microscopic parasite can cause Giardiasis, a diarrheal illness of the small intestine. They may also carry Tularemia, a bacteria transmitted by ticks, deer flies, and fleas.

Our Removal Process

We thoroughly inspect properties and look for hidden problems that may not be noticeable to develop a plan of action to eliminate the beaver problem and stop it from continuing.

In addition, we may take photos to assist in accurately identifying the issues resulting from beavers.

One assessed there are beavers, and we know the extent of the population; we discuss our plan with you, our customer.

Then, in addition to the best course of action to eliminate the beavers from further damage, we provide you with an estimate.

Once accepted, we begin our beaver removal services.

There are laws, licenses and permits that may be needed. As beaver removal professionals, we have the necessary documentation and always abide by all local and federal ordinances.

Why Choose Us

Wilkins Wildlife professionals have a long history of experience removing and controlling beaver populations. Our services are humane, always keeping the safety of the beavers in mind.

Never let your beaver problem escalate; even one can do a trememdous amount of damage. Think of them as breathing wood-chipper devices.

You can trust in Wilkins Wildlife for the best beaver removal and control services.

We service the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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