Mole Removal

Mole Removal and Control

Are those pesky moles annoying you? Moles can be a nuisance, especially when digging tunnels and holes around your yard. In addition, their tunnels can cause unsightly mounds in your yard.

Moles damage lawns and landscapes; therefore, there are many reasons why business owners and homeowners want moles removal services as soon as they encounter them.

So how do you identify moles?

‍Moles have small eyes with poor eyesight. Their heads are elongated, and they have short necks. However, their legs are strong, which enables them to dig the ground. You can distinguish a mole from a shrew or vole by its massive, paddle-like feet and enormous toenails. Also, moles don’t have ears, and since they have very tiny eyes, it may look like they don’t have any.

Mole Trapping Techniques

The most effective way to get rid of moles is to use traps. However, since moles live underground, as DIY methods recommend repellents, they simply will not work.

It’s crucial to call a professional mole removal and control company such as us at Wilkins Wildlife.

Specialists in this field are needed to solve mole problems quickly and efficiently. The Wilkins Wildlife experts can guarantee the proper moles control and removal from your property.

Without implementing the proper removal methods, moles can live on your property for up to 30 years, leading to massive infestations.

Our Removal Process

Wilkins Wildlife relies on live cage trapping to remove unwanted moles. However, as moles live underground, trapping can be tricky and require a specific strategy to capture them humanely and safely.

First, the Wilkins Wildlife professionals begin each exclusion and extraction by conducting a complete check of your property. Next, we pinpoint tunnels and lairs to understand the problem. Then we provide you with an action plan which outlines our process for moles control.

After you understand our method, our mole control expert will set traps at the entryway to each tunnel. Then, after the mole’s removal, we collapse the tunnels to cut off the ventilation. These pest control phases make the dens and tunnels useless to opportunistic animals.

Finally, we will conduct another inspection to ensure the tunnels are entirely sealed off and collapsed. 

Why Choose Us

Enjoy a beautiful lawn, garden, and landscape without pesky moles. Never let annoying moles overrun your property, creating extensive damage. At Wilkins Wildlife, we have the tools, training, and skills to handle these pesky pests.

Schedule a suitable session with us to check your property and form a strategy to make it mole-free.

We perform nuisance moles removal and control from your business or home efficiently, humanely and safely.

If you have a mole problem on your property, contact us today!

Our mole removal and control services are offered to the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Virginia and Maryland.

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