Mice Removal

Mice Removal and Control

So, do I have mice or rats? Either can be disturbing, but most will say that rats are worse.

The main difference between a rat and a mouse is their size. A rat has small ears and large feet with a thick, scaly, hairless tail. In addition, they are gray, brown, white, or black. Rats are typically larger than mice, growing up to 20 inches long and weighing up to 500 kg. They also often leave grease marks on the walls and touched surfaces.

As for mice, they have large, floppy ears and long, thin, hairy tails. In addition, they have triangular snouts with longer whiskers compared to rats. A mouse can grow up to 7 inches and weigh up to 19 kg.

Mice are much more timid, territorial, and social. Unfortunately, this makes them more aggressive, leaving gnaw marks everywhere and transmitting bacteria in your food.

Signs of Mice

Mice love to hide in dark areas, such as cupboards and closets. It’s easy to spot mice due to their tiny black eyes and large ears. They have fine gray, brown, or black fur with a three to four-inch hairless tail.

It’s easy to know if you have mice infestation when there are plenty of rodent droppings in small spaces. Their droppings are small and less than a quarter inch with pointy ends. Mouse urine is also hard to miss due to their strong musky odor.

You may find gnawed holes that are about a size of a dime and oily rub marks along the walls. There may also be nests of string, shredded paper, and other pliable materials. These nests are typically above ground in your attic, trees, and dense vegetation.

If you have pets, they bark, appear alert, and paw at spaces, like beneath your fridge. Note that mice are nocturnal, and they can make plenty of scratching noises inside your walls and along the floors.

Mice Removal and Control Process

Wilkins Wildlife is fearless in saying we are the best provider on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Our wildlife removal and control program offers the most humane solution to your problems.

We start mice removal services with an inspection and evidence tracking. This will help us form a plan for more efficient trapping and removal. Next, we use live burrows traps to capture the mice.

We also provide services for repair and prevention. So rest assured; we will secure the areas where these pesky little critters have gained access to your property.

All costs are openly provided to you, from removal and relocation to repair and prevention. 

Why Choose Us

Do you know that mice are one of the most troublesome house pests? Of course, seeing one scurry across the kitchen floor when preparing dinner for guests can be extremely bothersome and embarrassing, but did you know that they spread disease while doing so? Yes, they can carry Leptospirosis, HPS, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, plague and typhus. These diseases can be spread directly and indirectly.

So it is highly advised that once you see any signs of mice in your home or business, it raises plenty of health concerns and safety issues.

Removal and prevention are key, so contact Wilkins Wildlife Removal today to learn about our mice removal and control services.

We service the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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