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My name is Jay Wilkins and I have over 5 years experience with wildlife containment, bed bugs and pest control. I started Wilkins Wildlfe in 2017 because I believe that people deserved better. Better service, better reliability and better knowledge.

We are a full service Wildlife, Pest Control & BedBug Heat Treatment provider on the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland & Virginia. In addition, we provide exclusions to keep wildlife away and repairs to the damage they have caused.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction through client education and excellent  service is unmatched on the Eastern Shore.


Professional Services

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Our wildlife program offers a fast, humane solution to your problem by using live traps to relocate wildlife as allowable by law. We perform exclusions, removal, repair and prevention.

Our goal is to keep wildlife in the wild and out of your home. We offer an extensive line of installation products to prevent wildlife and pests from even making it to the inside of your home and commercial business.

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BedBug 911

If you have BedBugs we know that’s an emergency. We got started in the business of bedbugs by first being a victim, so we understand exactly what we are dealing with and the urgency of your situation.

Our mission for BedBugs is very clear. ELIMINATION-……and we want the pleasure of doing it like no one else! We are a pesticide free – organic green company.

We also offer protection after the treatment with quarterly monitoring, to ensure your family and home is protected.

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Exclusions & Repairs

When inquiring about wildlife exclusion and repair services, we first assess the situation after removing the wildlife animals.

The phases include the initial assessment, implementing a plan of action using the exclusion methods that will work best and finally, discussing the repairs needed.

Our exclusion methods are humane and safe for us, our pets and the wildlife animals.

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