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Bedbugs are tiny, oval, brown-colored insects that live on the blood of humans and animals. Adult bedbugs are the size of an apple seed; however, after feeding, their little bodies swell and become reddish.

They do not fly but can move quickly around the room, including ceilings. Female bedbugs can produce hundreds of eggs throughout a lifetime. Though they re-produce and infest areas fast, they’re not thought to carry and transmit diseases; however, their bits can be nasty.

Despite many thinking that bedbugs are only found in beds, this is not true. You may be surprised that they can be found anywhere. For example, libraries are for one.

Once they find you, they latch and hitch a ride along with you and right into your home or business. Once there, they reside in sofas, carpets, of course, beds and elsewhere.

Are you concerned you may have an infestation? See what Wilkins Wildlife Bedbug 911 will do for you.



Bedbug Inspection

The Wilkins Wildlife Bedbug 911 team of professionals perform bedbug inspection of the complete dwelling.

Through thorough checks, we verify whether bedbugs exist and how long their activity has been present.

When bedbugs are found, we educate and advise customers on the preparation needed for heat treatment.

Once we agree on the required treatment, the inspection fee will be credited and applied toward the entire cost.

Bedbug Heat Treatment

Our bedbug treatment involves high heat and is done in the areas where the treatment is necessary.

Bed bug treatment varies by square footage and may take 7 – 12 hours, depending on structure size. We do not run the heat up to 120° then leave, which is approximately four hours. We aim to solve your problem, not put a Band-Aid on it, as you would undoubtedly call us back.

Our bedbug team comprises experts highly experienced in bedbug removal. We understand entirely thermodynamics and precisely what it will take to safely and professionally exterminate all stages of bed bugs from your home or business.

Mattress, Boxspring and Pillow Encasements

  • Waterproof: protecting your mattress from everyday spoilage
  • Tear Proof: Courtesy of our hotel-quality MicroneOne fabric
  • Fool Proof: Optic white fabric allows staff to spot bed bugs more easily
  • Fail-proof: Our patented Zip-N-Click closure device denies bed bugs their preferred sanctuary
  • Future Proof: Outlasts the life of the bed bug

Why Choose Us

So what sets our bedbug removal and control team at Wilkins Wildlife Bedbug 911 services above our competitors?

With decades of experience, continuous extensive training initiatives, and education, our team stays on top of the latest methodologies and technology, making us a leader and the best in the industry.

We are a customer-focused bedbug exterminator company and are 100% committed to providing our customers with affordable, reliable, efficient services with the best experience possible regarding making your home or business safe and free of bedbugs.

Our bedbug exterminator services are offered along the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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