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Immediate & Long Term Pest Control Services

Pest control removes and prevents unwanted critters, such as rodents and other wildlife animals, that are a nuisance to ourselves and our residential and commercial properties.

Most people think pests are just bugs and insects; however, that is not true, as squirrels, bats, birds and other mammals can fall into the pest control category.

Pest Control is often viewed as an immediate action of handling a particular pest problem with a one-time application or treatment and nothing more. But pest control goes beyond and can include pest management for long-term elimination and safety.

For your pest removal, control and management, look at the critters below we can remove safely and humanely for you.

At Wilkins Wildlife, we provide pest control services to the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Virginia and Maryland.

Wildlife Removal and Control, Fishers


Fox in Patagonia

Gray Fox

Mountain Caucasian Gopher or Spermophilus musicus in grass in Russia


three marmots in grass


Pair of raccoons in captivity


Red fox

Red Foxes

Wild Brown rat at night


White-headed vulture in flight


wildlife control, woodchucks


Pileated Woodpecker pecking on a tree against a blue sky


Flying sugar glider on white background.

Flying Squirrels

pest control and wildlife control gray squirrels

Gray Squirrels

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