Gray Fox Removal

Humane Fox Removal and Control

Gray foxes are foragers, also known as tree foxes or cat foxes. These foxes are nocturnal but will sometimes forage during the day.

Gray foxes are elusive and will most often shy away from humans. However, these opportunistic creatures will quickly make a den on your home or commercial property if they get comfortable.

It has been known that these wildlife animals are carriers of rabies and other diseases. They can also cause harm to small pets and livestock like chickens.

As they are scavengers, these omnivores will eat anything, from various vermin to garbage. So if you see a fox on your property, it may pass through. However, it may be time to intervene if there are multiple sightings.

So, what should you do about gray foxes in your residential, commercial or industrial property?

Effective Removal Techniques

Scare Them or Use a Repellent

Instead of retreating to the woods, a gray fox can hide under a shed, porch, or deck. You can scare them away by making loud noises or splashing water near their dens.

Another option to get rid of them is to soak a cloth with vinegar and place it near them. They have sensitive noses and a strong sense of smell, so strong scents such as garlic, chili pepper, and white vinegar can be unbearable and will force them out of their hiding places.

Live Land Trap

We can admit Gray foxes are cute, but they can get aggressive if they feel cornered. That’s why it’s best to contact Wilkins Wildlife for humane wildlife removal services. Our team uses a live land trap to capture and relocate displaced wildlife.

live land trap effectively captures this wildlife animal without harming it; After trapping, our team of wildlife removal and control professionals transfers and releases it to another location.

Gray Fox Prevention

Once you have eliminated your fox problem, it doesn’t stop others from wandering into your property. 

Take Precautionary Measures

If you have fences, install an L-shaped footer around the perimeter to create an underground barrier. You can also install a motion-sensitive alarm or a transistor radio. These devices will play a frequency audible only to wildlife. Similar technology, like flood lights, can scare unwanted visitors away from your property.


Exclusion is the best solution to preventing re-entry from any wildlife. For example, one way to exclude gray foxes is by placing wire netting near the fence. This allows you to reduce access points in your property.

With Wilkins Wildlife, our team secures the entry points first. Next, we conduct a live trap to catch any foxes trying to get inside. Then, move them out of your property. As a result, you can guarantee our services are safe and humane, ensuring no wildlife gets hurt.

Why Choose Us

Do you hear sounds at night similar to a dog’s bark? If you hear screams it’s most likely red foxes. Yes, those dog bark sounds could mean you have a gray fox or an entire den of them. The sounds may not be the neighbor’s dog.

With the high availability of food, gray foxes often live in our residential areas. Although non-aggressive, these animals can cause serious health problems and property damage. Call in for gray fox removal if you want them off your residential or commercial property.

Wilkins Wildlife offers thorough gray fox removal and control services. We provide humane strategies and procedures to rid wildlife. Contact Wilkins Wildlife today to learn how we can help you with your gray fox or other wildlife animal problem!

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