Woodchuck Removal

Woodchuck Removal and Control

Without the help of professionals, woodchuck removal and control is a difficult task. In addition, while docile animals, woodchucks can be a source of diseases.

One of the most infectious diseases they carry is rabies. This is why any unprovoked attacks of woodchucks are a potential rabies exposure. As such, the thought of implementing DIY woodchuck removal must end now.

So what exactly are woodchucks?

Woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, look like a beaver. The only difference is that woodchucks have no tails. Instead, these gray-undercoated rodents have short, powerful limbs and strong claws built for digging.

Woodchucks are commonly mistaken as vermin or useless animals to humans. However, they do play an essential role in the ecosystem.

For one, woodchucks provide food for badgers, hawks, coyotes, weasels, foxes, and eagles. The burrows they create and abandon also give shelter to amphibians and reptiles. Smaller-sized rodents and even animals as large animals like foxes make a home in their burrow.

Dangers of Woodchucks

Woodchucks are harmless to humans as they’re generally docile creatures. However, when threatened or cornered, woodchucks can scratch and bite, and as we mentioned, they can carry rabies.

In addition, they can cause property damage, especially to lawns, fences, gardens, and foundations. They’re also credited for chewing electrical wires and destroying engine compartments.

The presence of mounds of soil is the most telltale sign that there are woodchucks on your property. Some of their favored spots include under your home, decks, sheds, or near the fences of your lawn. Damages to plants and flowers are also a sign that you need woodchuck control services.

Our Removal Process

A trained wildlife removal and control expert is necessary for the woodchuck control procedure. Wilkins Wildlife complies with legal provisions on the removal of wildlife. Hence, we use humane techniques for our woodchuck removal service.

We will first conduct a ground wildlife inspection for accurate identification. We will then place a bait and a live burrow trap to catch the burrowing wildlife. Finally, whenever possible, we relocate the removed woodchuck to non-residential properties.

We will also identify the entry point in your property and correct them. Then, for extra measure, we’ll survey your property for possible wildlife entry points. Our experts will then recommend ways to remediate these.

Why Choose Us

While removed woodchucks don’t usually return when taken at least 15 miles away; other scavenging wildlife may dwell on your property.

Woodchucks, for instance, have a developed sense of smell. This allows them to recognize and locate burrows where other woodchucks live. In a few minutes, woodchucks can reuse a once-closed burrow.

To prevent this from happening, contact our woodchuck removal and control experts if you spot signs of woodchucks! See how our woodchuck removal and control services can help you. We service the Eastern Shores of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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