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Did you know that about 7 to 8 thousand people get bitten by venomous snakes in the US each year? These cases often result in severe allergies or fatalities.

Most snakes are harmless and beneficial to the ecosystems; however, several are not. Do you know what six of the most dangerous venomous snakes can be slithering around your property; the cottonmouth, copperhead, coral, timber, pygmy and eastern diamond rattlesnake.

We do not recommend sharing your property with one, two, three or more snakes. No doubt most people get a bit frightened when seeing a snake, especially when their head is up, their mouth is open, and their tongue is out.

If you find them crawling around your property, stay away, stay calm and call Wilkins Wildlife immediately.

What Attracts Snakes

Snakes enter our homes and commercial buildings, searching for tiny wildlife pests like rats, mice, and insects for food. In addition, they are lured in by damp, dark and cool areas.

Outside, snakes are attracted to overgrown wet grass and vegetation, hollow areas in the ground, puddles and other stagnant water.

A few prevention ways to keep snakes away are:

  • Limiting grass and mulch areas and replacing them with hard surfaces or gravel.
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed.
  • Remove areas where there is stagnant water, for example, bird feeders and other water features.
  • Keep food and pet food in secure, tight containers as these foods will attract bugs, rats and mice that will additionally attract snakes.

Humane Snake Trapping

Before the Wilkins Wildlife snake removal experts start removing snakes, they perform a thorough home inspection. Since snakes can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, it can be challenging for one who does not know what to look for. 

In addition to finding snakes, we will look for signs of a rodent infestation that will attract them.

After it is determined you have a snake or snake infestation, we begin the removal process with our live trapping methods. Depending on the snake population, this can take a few hours to days.

Once assured all snakes have been trapped, we transfer them to their natural habitat far from your property.

Lastly, we will discuss the best snake control method to prevent them from coming back with exclusion techniques.

Why Choose Us

While most snakes lurking around are not venomous, not being a snake expert and dealing with a snake or more on your own can have severe consequences.

Therefore, contact the experienced Wilkins Wildlife snake removal team if you see one or more. We know their behaviors as they are most active during the early morning and late evening hours and at night. Their lifestyle and habitat are essential to know as well.

So, contact us quickly when one or more has ventured onto your property, in your home or business.

We service the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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