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Wilkins Wildlife & Bedbug 911

We are a full-service wildlife removal, pest control and bedbug heat treatment exterminator who uses proven methods and state-of-the-art materials to remove, control and exclude vulnerable entry points from unwanted critters.

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In addition to safely removing and implementing exclusion techniques so they cannot return, we repair any damage they have done to attics and crawlspaces.

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Our wildlife removal, pest control, bedbug exterminator, repairs, and exclusions are the best around. We have exemplary customer service and are experts in solving the most challenging infestation problems and fixing severe damage unwanted critters cause.


Wildlife Control

Unfortunately, wild animals can quickly identify your property as a source of food, shelter and water. In addition, they damage properties and expose humans and pets to diseases.

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Pest Control

While we focus on wildlife removal with live trapping, exclusions, and heat treatment extermination for bed bugs, we also offer vertebrae pest control services for particular unwanted critters that require non-toxic baiting to get rid of.

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BedBug 911 Services

Bed bugs are categorized as blood-sucking ectoparasites. They are a public health concern as they can negatively affect physical and mental health. Are you aware they can be found anywhere, not just in beds?

Wildlife removal and trapping, Bethany Beach, Broadkill Beach, Dagsboro, Delmar, Frankford, Georgetown, Laurel, Lewes, Millsboro, Milton, Ocean View,

Repairs & Exclusions

As wildlife animals find their way into your homes and commercial buildings, they can cause widespread destruction. They chew wires, tear insulation and deposit urine and feces. So how do you repair damage and keep it from happening again?

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    Alan Bluto

    Millsboro, DE

    It is hard to find quality contractors these days but this is one. Quality work in my crawlspace and the company treats your home as if it was theirs. Work was done on time and the price was right. Clean precise work with top notch attention to detail that is unmatched. Highly recommended.

      Kimberly Dashiell

      Delmar DE

      Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911 was amazing taking care of our bird problem at our rental house. We had tried all the recommendations from others that did not work. Jay Wilkins came and fixed the problem immediately. He also followed up to make sure that we didn’t have anymore issues!! I would highly recommend this company and refer them to everyone!!

        Amy Lyn Wagner

        Salisbury, MD

        Jay is extremely knowledgeable, honest and reliable. He discovered a combination of reasons as to why I had water under my crawlspace and created a multipronged solution (not just a bandaid) for diverting water away from my foundation and dehumidifying the space. I feel like my home is better protected and will be healthier for years to come after his work. His level of integrity and business ethics is invaluable and so appreciated by someone like me who has limited knowledge of home systems. I trust Jay 100% and highly recommend him to anyone.

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        Trust in the Wilkins Wildlife experts to implement a strategy that ensures successful wildlife animal identification, location of entry point, humane trapping and removing, exclusion with complete damage repair and prevention of gaining entry again.