Otter Removal

Otter Removal and Control

Do you own a home by the riverside, bay or stream?

Otters have an adorable appearance, and their playful personality can be entertaining when you see them out in the wild. However, river otters can become a nuisance if you own a private hatchery. These little critters are also not as sweet as they seem and can become aggressive toward humans.

Otters are intelligent animals, meaning decoys and repellents will not be enough. Do you need help with otter removal? 

Property Inspection

Trying to eliminate otters on your property is undoubtedly not a do-it-yourself task. But that is why the otter removal and control experts at Wilkins Wildlife are here to help rid you of your otter problems.

When you hire Wilkins Wildlife before setting traps or performing exclusions, our service begins with a complete property inspection. Doing so allows our team to identify precisely which wildlife animals are nesting on your property.

Often, otters den in yards or areas near water sources. If you have a pond and there are food sources nearby, it’s inevitable you may be attracting otters. To locate their den, our team looks for their latrine areas.

This is often how we discover an otter infestation. A latrine is a pile of poop they make near water sources. Otters use it to communicate with others.

The musky smell of these wild animals makes them trackable, too. Although often quiet, otters communicate using chirps, squeaks, and growls. Thus, you must be alert when it happens.

Sometimes, you can hear chirps of otter pups from their dens when waiting for their parents.

Humane Trapping & Exclusion

Humane Trapping

After finding their den, Wilkins Wildlife professionals start with the otter removal operation.

A live trap is a humane method of capturing unwanted wildlife from the area. Instead of causing harm, its purpose is to catch and transfer the animals into the wild. Often, live traps involve luring, tricking, or seizing.

However, setting a live trap for an otter is tricky because they are clever. That’s why it’s best to leave the work to our Wilkins Wildlife professionals.

Experts know how, where, and when to place the trap. They have the knowledge and skills to remove wildlife from a property. In addition, professionals use proper capture devices and equipment to conduct the operation. Wilkins Wildlife is the professional otter removal and control company you need. 

Wildlife Exclusion

Removing the otters from a property is not a permanent solution to their infestation. When their new location lacks food sources, these animals start to find their way back. Wilkins Wildlife can perform an exclusion service to prevent re-entry.

Our Wilkins Wildlife expert team secures the areas where the otters accessed your property. We put a one-way door on the entrance so that otters can leave but cannot come back in. Our team scans the property with a thermal imaging camera to ensure no otters are left behind.

Why Choose Us

Although soft and cute, otters can be dangerous to humans. Like any other wildlife, they can attack and bite you when threatened. So if you find otters on your property, it’s critical to call an expert to get rid of them.

At Wilkins Wildlife, we offer humane otter removal and control services. So you can guarantee your safety and the wild animals are in our hands. To learn more about wildlife removal services, you can reach us here!

Our otter removal services are provided to the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Virginia and Maryland.

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