Opossum Removal

Opossum Removal and Control

Did you know that a female opossum can give birth to as many as 20 babies? So in 11 to 13 days, a swarm of opossums by your doorstep could be scavenging for food, especially during the birthing months of March to August.

What’s even more alarming, however, is that this is only the start. As we get closer to their habitats, possums nestling in houses are becoming more common. While they don’t pose an extreme physical threat, they pose serious health issues.

See The Signs

The first step to animal removal is accurate determination. Possums are nocturnal animals; the only way you’ll know they’re around is via the signs they leave behind. Some of the common tell-tale signs that a possum might be lurking around your property include:

  • Scattered trash
  • Late-night activity in the garden
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Missing food

However, notice that these signs are very much alike to the signs that several other nuisance wildlife leaves behind. It’s easier to confuse opossums with other wildlife squatters. Even if you see them in daylight, they can easily be mistaken for domestic cats.

As such, we at Wilkins Wildlife provide accurate identification of the trespasser. After verifying, we use evidence tracking to determine its exact location before we devise an effective possum removal strategy.

Humane Trapping

At the heart of opossums removal & control services is Wilkins Wildlife’s commitment to abiding by the laws protecting wildlife.

Possums’ consumption of small animals and remains is crucial in the balance of food webs. They also help manage pests and mitigate tick populations.

As such, most states have legal provisions protecting them. In some states, they euthanize a possum and immediately dispose of its carcass after trapping them.

Wilkins Wildlife, however, prides itself on its humane animal trapping and pest removal strategy. We remove the animals we entrapped and relocate them to the non-habitation area.

When trapping an opossum, the situation must be understood completely. First, is there a mother and babies, and if so, how many? Second, a large steel cage will be used to trap it in a shady area so that, once trapped, the opossum does not suffer in the hot sun. Third, we bait the trap with something they prefer to eat. Fourth we periodically check the trap. Lastly, when the opossum is in the steel cage, we relocate it.

Why Choose Us

We not only eliminate opossums but also intend to keep them out permanently. Generally, opossums don’t return when taken at least 15 miles from your residence or commercial property. Yet this doesn’t mean your property will no longer be a resort to other wildlife.

Considering this possibility, we finish our service with effective and affordable prevention tactics

Hence, if you suspect opossums on your property, whether residential, commercial or industrial, call Wilkins Wildlife for professional help! We service the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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