Woodpecker Removal

Woodpecker Removal and Control

Do you often hear a constant yammering on your walls?

You may have a little pecky visitor! Downy woodpeckers have a thriving population of over 13 million in the US. Of course, most homeowners would welcome birds to their homes, but the woodpecker is different from the one you would want to stick around.

Woodpeckers can cause a significant amount of damage to your commercial building and home’s structures, including fences. The constant noise can also be enough to drive anyone crazy.

Need help with woodpecker removal and control?

Let our team at Wilkins Wildlife come to the rescue with your woodpecker removal needs.

Woodpecker Damage

Woodpeckers could be knocking on your walls for one of three reasons.

The first is that they’re drumming, which often happens during the summer months. This is a way to tell other woodpeckers that they’ve claimed their territory or are looking for a mate.

Woodpeckers also peck on wood to forage for insects to feed on. If you have an insect problem, you may have a bigger woodpecker problem. An enormous food source could lead to more extensive damage to your home.

Finally, you may hear pecking if a woodpecker has decided to nest in your home. The most significant sign of this is a single, hollowed-out site.

Our Removal & Control Process

Wilkins Wildlife starts with a thorough inspection of your home to identify nests or other signs of winged wildlife. Woodpeckers are likely to return if they have determined your home is a good food source. After locating holes, our experts will use visual deterrents such as aluminum foil to eliminate them.

Woodpeckers are impartial to shiny objects and will not continue excavating. These birds are picky with their nesting spots and will abandon your home instead of making a new hole. We also cover other exclusion services, like hanging bird netting.

Implementing scare tactics like recorded distress calls or wind chimes does work. Decoys of hawks and owls can also deter woodpeckers from approaching your home and commercial building. While this may not be a permanent solution, it can help buy time for a more permanent solution.

Why Choose Us

As mentioned, woodpeckers will nest if they find an abundant food source. Therefore, unrelenting woodpeckers can be a sign of an underlying insect infestation, and we can help with that too! In the meantime, we will work on woodpecker control and removal.

Any form of harm or harassment towards woodpeckers is illegal in the US. Fortunately, Wilkins Wildlife uses humane practices to capture wildlife. Our team works to release these birds into the wild, where they can freely peck and nest wherever they want.

If you notice irregular holes in your home or commercial building, call the specialists—at Wilkins Wildlife for woodpecker removal and control services.

Our experts can also help with other wildlife and pest problems you may be having. Contact us today to get a free quote!

Our extensive wildlife, pest and woodpecker removal and control services are offered on the Easter Shore of Delaware, Virginia and Maryland.

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