Coyote Removal

Effective Coyote Removal and Control

Coyotes are carnivorous canines that occupy almost every climate of North America. Coyotes are a cautious species and will usually stick to their natural habitat. However, the loss of habitat and food insecurity can lead coyotes into our environments.

Though coyotes are not known to attack adult humans and large animals, they pose a severe threat to small children, dogs and cats. Additionally, our farms, as their bold packs, can devastate livestock.

Reports from farmers show coyote sightings in Delaware on the rise. In addition, studies show that there have been 159 human victims of coyote attacks and many more on pet dogs and cats.

So, how do you deal with coyotes lurking around your neighborhood? 

Coyote Damage

Coyotes get into your property for one primary reason: food. They’re scavengers and will eat any meat you leave lying around, including in your trash. So step one of coyote control is not to make it easy for them.

As mentioned, coyotes can cause severe damage and harm as well. A sufficiently hungry or bold coyote won’t hesitate to attack small dogs or children. Livestock like chickens are also fair game and can also hunt sheep.

It’s common for coyotes to bite off more than they can eat or chew. As a result, they can leave half-eaten carcasses on your lawn or give your guard dog serious wounds before retreating.

Our Removal Process

Wilkins Wildlife captures the coyotes with a large 3′ x 4′ trap to capture and release the coyote far from your property, with a minimum of at least 15 miles away. Because they have a generalized area they stay within, relocating over fifteen miles ensures they do not return to the property.

The process is as safe, low-fuss, and humane as possible, given each set of circumstances. And following this, we monitor the situation and make adjustments as needed. But our goal is for their safe removal and effective control.

In addition, to coyote removal and control steps we take, there are a few things you can do, such as installing fences and barriers, motion-activated lights and air horns around the property. Large guard dogs are also an option, but not a 100% guarantee.

Why Choose Us

Are you experiencing coyotes on your property? Undoubtedly it can make you uneasy, especially if you have small children and pets.

Wilkins Wildlife professional coyote removal technicians service removes them without killing one.

So, why is humane coyote removal your best option? Killing one or a pack of coyotes will not prevent problems. Coyotes are incredibly adaptable. In addition, they reproduce at a younger age and quicker when their survival is threatened. So, if one pack of coyotes is killed, another is ready to replace them. Also, coyotes will come when people leave garbage and pet food outside.

This is why you must choose Wilkins Wildlife for humane and effective solutions. A hungry and scared animal is the most dangerous kind of animal to have around.

We service the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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