Bird-Shock Flex-Track: Safe & Effective Bird Barrier & Deterrent

Complete Guide To Bird-Shock Flex-Track Bird Deterrence

Birds are a beautiful part of our environment, but they can quickly become a nuisance when they invade our homes, businesses, or agricultural fields. Bird droppings, nesting materials, and their constant presence can lead to damage, health hazards, and financial losses.

This is where bird deterrents come into play, offering innovative solutions to keep these feathered intruders at bay. Among the most advanced and effective bird deterrent systems available is the Bird-Shock Flex-Track, which has proven to be a safe and reliable method for deterring birds.

Here, we explore the effectiveness of bird deterrents, delve into the technology behind Bird-Shock Flex-Track, and highlight the services of Wilkins Wildlife Bed Bug 911, a reputable provider of Bird-Shock Flex-Track installation along the eastern shores of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

Do Bird Deterrents Work?

Bird deterrents come in various forms, from visual obstacles like scarecrows and reflective surfaces to physical barriers like netting and spikes. The effectiveness of a bird deterrent depends on several factors, including the type of bird species, the severity of the bird problem, and the chosen deterrent method.

Birds are intelligent avians who can quickly adapt to changes in their environment. Traditional deterrents may work initially, but birds can become habituated to them over time. That’s where more advanced technologies like Bird-Shock Flex-Track come in. Bird-Shock Flex-Track offers a highly effective and humane approach to bird deterrence.

What is Shock Track?

Shock Track is a modern, humane, and effective bird deterrent system that uses low-voltage electric shocks to discourage birds from landing or roosting on surfaces. It is a non-lethal method that causes minimal harm to the birds while effectively conditioning them to avoid the treated area.

Shock Track systems are designed to be discreet and virtually invisible, making them an aesthetically pleasing option for deterring birds in residential and commercial settings. The flexible tracks make them easy to install on various surfaces, including ledges, rooftops, and signs.

Bird-Shock Flex-Track: Safe & Effective Bird Barrier & Deterrent

How Does Bird Shock Tape Work?

Bird-Shock Flex-Track, or bird shock tape, is a specific type of Shock Track that is low profile, flexible and adaptable. It is made with UV-stabilized PVC and stainless steel wires that emit low-voltage electric pulses. It is glued to the surface, and electrical connectors allow current to flow from one track to the next.

When birds come in contact with it, the intermittent mild shock does not hurt the bird. However, it’s enough to startle and deter the birds from returning over the long term.

Here’s how Bird-Shock Flex-Track works broken down into three easy steps.


The system detects when a bird lands on or touches the track.


Upon contact, a low-voltage electric pulse is delivered, creating a harmless but startling sensation for the bird.


Over time, birds learn to associate the shock with the treated area and avoid landing or roosting there.

The primary advantage of Bird-Shock Flex-Track is its adaptability. It can be installed on curved surfaces, irregular shapes, and uneven terrain. This flexibility makes it a versatile solution for deterring birds from virtually any area where they pose a problem.

Why choose Wilkins Wildlife Bed Bug 911 and Bird-Shock Flex-Track


Wilkins Wildlife BedBug 911 is your trusted partner for Bird-Shock Flex-Track installation for residents and businesses along the eastern shores of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. With years of experience in wildlife management and bird control, Wilkins Wildlife offers comprehensive solutions to keep birds at bay while ensuring the safety and well-being of both the birds and the environment.

Durability and Effectiveness

Bird-Shock Flex-Track is known for its long-lasting durability and effectiveness. When installed by professionals like Wilkins Wildlife Bed Bug 911, you can expect a reliable solution that will last.

Environmentally Friendly

The materials used in Bird-Shock Flex-Track are environmentally friendly and safe for birds and humans.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Bird-Shock Flex-Track is discreet and virtually invisible, ensuring your property maintains its aesthetic appeal.

Bird-Shock Flex-Track: Safe & Effective Bird Barrier & Deterrent

Contact Wilkins Wildlife for Bird-Shock Flex-Track installation.

Birds are a valuable part of our natural world. Still, when they become a nuisance in our living spaces or commercial properties, it’s essential to find effective, humane, and environmentally friendly solutions to deter them. Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a cutting-edge technology that has proven effective in preventing birds while ensuring their safety.

Wilkins Wildlife Bed Bug 911 is your professional company for Bird-Shock Flex-Track installation for those residing along the eastern shores of DE, MD and VA.

With the Bird-Shock Flex-Track installation expertise, humane approach, and commitment to the environment, Wilkins Wildlife Bed Bug 911 offers a reliable solution to keep birds at bay, allowing you to enjoy a bird-free environment without causing harm to these beautiful avians.

Contact Wilkins Wildlife Bed Bug 911 today to learn more about Bird-Shock Flex-Track and how it can solve your bird control needs.