How To Get a Squirrel Out of Your House

How Do I Deal with a Squirrel in My House

Have you ever listened to a family member, friend or neighbor talking about the time a squirrel got into their house? It’s not a lie, as it can quickly happen to any of us. Has it happened to you, and you have wondered how to get a squirrel out of your house?

We may think they are cute as they scurry around the yard, up and down trees, and crunch on nuts, but that’s where their cuteness ends.

As they can easily find a way into your house, do not panic or touch. However, it is vital to know that you must get rid of them quickly as they can carry diseases and can cause damage to the property by gnawing at electrical wires and insulation.

To get a squirrel out of your house, hiring a professional wildlife removal company to remove them humanely and efficiently is always highly recommended so they do not return. However, if you have just seen one randomly make its way into your house, here are a few ways to quickly persuade the little critters to flee.

Provide An Exit

Squirrels often enter houses out of curiosity and have no intention of staying. So rather than close exits, imagining this is a step toward capturing the animal, open the doors and windows. The little critter will likely flee if you stand back and make space for it to go outdoors.

What Scares Squirrels Out of My House

Make Loud Noises

If you’ve already provided an exit to get the squirrel out of your house but won’t go, it might sit still and hope you go away. You can heighten the animal’s instinct to leave your home by making a loud noise.

A hearty bang with a serving spoon on a saucepan will create enough din to make the squirrel skedaddle. Failing that, turn a TV or radio on and leave the room. The squirrel will likely be out of the house when you return.

Turn on a Bright Light

Squirrels often hide in dim spaces but run away in bright rooms. So turn on all the lights, remembering to stand far away from the exit so the animal can make a clean getaway.

What Smells Do Squirrels Hate?

Soak Rags in Vinegar

Create a natural squirrel repellent by soaking rags in cider vinegar. As squirrels dislike the smell, they will opt to be outdoors rather than stay in your home. As a bonus, the scent will keep other squirrels away, too, if you refresh the vinegar when the rags dry.

What To Do If There Is a Nest

Call a professional immediately if you find a nest since several precautions must be taken. A professional will know whether the nest needs to stay until the babies are born or if it can humanely be removed quicker.

What To Do After You Get a Squirrel Out of Your House

Once squirrels leave the house, block entryways to stop them from returning. Cover your chimneys using chimney caps, check for exterior holes, and cover any you find. Also, trim overhanging branches squirrels might use to reach eaves or the roof.

Once you get a squirrel out of your house, a professional wildlife removal company will use the correct exclusion methods to keep them out and away for good.

So, if you choose the try to get rid of the one and only little squirrel who has made its way through your front door, try these tips to persuade it to flee. Try noise, bright light, smells they hate, and provide several exits so the squirrel can leave.

Soak rags in vinegar and place them around the room where the animal hides to repel it. Otherwise, call a professional to get a squirrel out of your house. Wilkins Wildlife & Bed Bug 911 is here to help