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Comprehensive Wildlife, BedBug & Pest Control Services on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

The Eastern Shore of Maryland boasts a comprehensive blend of natural beauty and diverse wildlife, pests and bedbugs. It is a refuge for residents and the myriad creatures inhabiting the region. However, this coexistence can lead to unwelcome encounters with pests, wildlife, and nasty bed bugs, necessitating effective wildlife, bed bug and pest control services.

Wilkins Wildlife Bedbug 911 is a premier provider of these services on the Eastern Shore, specializing in addressing a wide array of issues, from bedbugs to bats and everything in between.

Here, we discuss a few and how our team at Wilkins Wildlife BedBug can provide solutions to the residential and commercial properties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


Bedbugs can undoubtedly cause distress. With their elusive nature and resilience, bedbugs can infest homes and businesses, leading to sleepless nights and potential health concerns. The Eastern Shore of Maryland faces its fair share of bedbug challenges, and Wilkins Wildlife Bedbug 911 employs state-of-the-art techniques to eliminate these pests.

Our team of experts utilizes advanced heat treatments and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure thorough eradication, providing property owners with peace of mind.

Remember, bedbugs are not only found in beds as they can be prevalent everywhere; one example is libraries.


Bats play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance, but they can become a nuisance when they invade homes or commercial properties. As humane bat removal is vital, our technicians employ exclusion methods that safely encourage bats to leave without causing harm.

We implement preventative measures to ensure a bat-free environment once the bats have vacated the premises safely and without harm.

Beavers, Birds, and Coyotes

Choosing a wildlife company that extends its services to address beavers, birds, and coyote issues is a must. Beavers, with their dam-building habits, can wreak havoc on water systems. At the same time, birds and coyotes can threaten property and safety. 

Fisher Cats, Flying Squirrels, and Gray Squirrels

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is home to various smaller mammals, including fisher cats, flying squirrels, and gray squirrels.

Fisher cats, being skilled climbers and predators, may create disturbances around homes and pose a threat to smaller pets.

Flying squirrels, with their nocturnal habits, can enter homes and attics, causing damage and disturbances.

Gray squirrels tend to gnaw on structures, which can lead to issues such as damaged siding and wiring.

Managing these diverse challenges requires a specialized and effective approach, considering each species’ specific behaviors and habitats.

Gray Fox, Gophers, and Groundhogs

Gray foxes may dig dens near homes, potentially causing disruptions and safety concerns.

Gophers are known for their burrowing habits, creating holes that can damage gardens and landscaping.

Groundhogs, with their burrows, can undermine foundations and pose a threat to agricultural areas.

Effectively managing these species requires a comprehensive approach that considers both the safety of residents and the protection of the property’s structural integrity and aesthetics.

Mice, Mink, and Moles

While mice, mink, and moles may differ in their behaviors and habitats, they all have the potential to cause notable damage to properties.

Mice chew through electrical wiring, insulation, and structural materials, causing potential fire hazards.

Minks burrowing habits undermine the foundations of buildings by creating extensive tunnel systems along riverbanks and shorelines.

And moles burrowing activities result in the creation of unsightly molehills and surface tunnels, damaging lawns.

Therefore, it is key to address, remove and control these nuisance critters appropriately.

Muskrats, Opossums, and Otters

Muskrats, opossums, and otters can become property concerns.

Muskrats burrow near water sources, potentially compromising banks and structures.

Opossums scavenge for food, creating disturbances, and otters cause disruptions in water features and potentially damage property in their search for food.

Raccoons, Rats, and Red Fox

Raccoons, rats, and red foxes are undoubtedly prevalent on the Eastern Shore and can be particularly problematic when they invade homes or businesses.

They can inflict considerable damage to properties, with raccoons raiding garbage bins, rats gnawing through structures and spreading diseases, and red foxes potentially digging dens near homes, posing threats to both landscaping and the well-being of pets.

Rodents, Shrews, and Skunks

Rodents, shrews, and skunks pose distinct challenges for properties, with rodents causing structural damage and carrying diseases. Shrews dig unsightly holes in lawns. Skunks emit foul odors and burrow under structures. These creatures are an aesthetic and safety concern for property owners.

Snakes, Voles, and Vultures

Snakes pose potential safety risks. Voles cause damage to gardens and lawns through their burrowing and feeding habits. Vultures create nuisances by scavenging for food and potentially damaging roofs with their roosting activities.

Woodchucks, Woodpeckers, and Wood-Boring Insects

Woodchucks, woodpeckers, and wood-boring insects contribute to property challenges, with woodchucks burrowing under structures and damaging gardens.

Woodpeckers cause harm to wooden exteriors through relentless pecking and wood-boring insects compromise the integrity of timber structures.

Collectively, these critters demand effective pest control measures for property preservation.

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From bedbugs to bats and a diverse array of wildlife, the team of experts employs humane and effective methods to ensure the safety and well-being of both residents, business owners, and the region’s ecosystem.

Through dedication to sustainable practices and cutting-edge techniques, Wilkins Wildlife Bedbug 911 has established itself as a trusted partner in managing and preventing wildlife, bedbug and pest-related issues on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Contact Wilkins Wildlife BedBug 911 today for your Eastern Shore of Maryland wildlife, bedbug or pest control issues.

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