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Our professional service will remove any type of wild animal, whether the critter is a skunk, a raccoon, a bat, mice – any type of rodent, a rat, a bird or birds, including starlings, bird nests, a rabbit, a squirrel and the squirrel family, a groundhog, even a snake or a mole – we will get rid of your pests humanely and quickly!

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We offer expert animal trapping, dead animal removal, nuisance wild animal control, animal capture and permanently getting rid of animals in your home or office.

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We pride ourselves on professional trapping services, and on quality snake, bird, and animal removal. Wild animal removal services removes all sorts of wild animals, critters and birds from residential and commercial properties. We help people resolve conflicts with nuisance wild animals such as squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rodents, bats, birds, and more. Our services include humane animal trapping, wildlife damage repairs and prevention, and removal of the critters.

We offer expert animal trapping, dead animal removal, nuisance wild animal animal control service atticcontrol, animal capture and permanently getting rid of animals in your home or office. If wildlife animals have invaded your home attic, crawl space, chimney, ac vents, etc. , removing them is only part of the job. Our trained and licensed team of wildlife removal experts in DE identify all entry holes, then we seal them shut with permanent and professional repairs. Attic restoration often includes adding new insulation, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention and odor control. Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911 are licensed professionals and we are also trained in prevention techniques.

With every unwanted wildlife situation, we identify the point of entry, trap or remove the animal, then implement animal damage prevention strategies by repairing the area and eliminating entry for the pesky wildlife invading your space. For the most common nuisance wildlife situations, we offer efficient and affordable solutions.

We can can assist you with wildlife problems caused by many different animals and offer such services as squirrel removal, raccoons removal, bat control, bee control, bird removal, snake removal, bird control, fox removal, skunk removal, deer control, geese hazing, woodpecker control, groundhogs removal, opossum removal, and also the removal and control of turtles, rabbits, chipmunks and more. Our verified wildlife professionals take pride in providing full service wildlife removal solutions and are fully insured. Once the problem animals are removed these professionals can provide solutions to help prevent any further wildlife problems. The solutions really work and the results are guaranteed.

Wilkins Wildlife are experts in the humane capture and removal of nuisance animals. We handle every job in an educated and professional manner. Whether it’s raccoons, rats in the basement, mice in your pantry or a skunk anywhere, we can remove it. Experts in prevention, removal, trapping, relocation and control of bats and nuisance wildlife, our wildlife removal services can quickly assess and re-mediate your specific problem.

Our technicians will carry all of the necessary equipments to ensure that we help you get rid of your pest problems in the walls, attic and crevices of your home. Wildlife removal experts at Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911 can assist you with all your nuisance wildlife problems for condos, commercial properties, residential homes and apartments. We control and get rid of bats, birds, moles, squirrels, snakes, rodents, raccoon’s, skunks, bats, mice, rats, groundhogs and all other nuisance wildlife. Although a squirrel in the wilderness or a park is something many of us enjoy seeing, it’s quite different if you find a squirrel or a family of squirrels living in your home or attic. We offer critter removal services to help keep you and your family safe from wildlife that enters your home. We are animal removal specialists that provide services throughout Sussex County and surrounding cities in Delaware.

We are proud to be a family-ran, locally-owned, small business. Our team is highly educated in the field of trapping and wildlife removal. When you have an animal problem, you want the experts. So our team specializes in professional animal removal services and home inspections all across Delaware’s Sussex County. We protect homes and businesses against the invasion of unwanted wildlife. We are based out of Delmar Delaware and provide services to many of the surrounding cities including Laurel, Seaford, Bridgeville, Georgetown, Millsboro and other nearby areas.

What is humane wildlife removal? Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911 believes in humane wildlife removal. Whenever possible, we’ll make sure to capture and move animals safely, so that they can continue to benefit the environment without affecting your property. Although some pests, like rats and mice, may require traps, most pests can be excluded from your home without hurting them, thus solving your animal control problem in an eco-friendly way.

Problem or nuisance wildlife can turn a safe home into a scary mess! whether you require removal of bats, rats, raccoons, snakes, or squirrels (etc.), you never ever signed on to share your home or yard with a wild animal who could damage your home or spread illness to your family. Do not endure an unwelcome pest. Control your wildlife problem by calling us today to remove your critter and help take care of the damage they left behind.

Every wildlife removal situation is different, from the species of animals involved, the location of the animal inside a house or outside, the extent of repairs or cleanup, etc. It’s impossible to give one-size-fits-all prices. Examples might include: small job: for example, a one-stop job to remove an animal in the yard to much more time consuming wildlife control services.

Living close to nature is both a calming and exciting experience. However, proximity also increases the chance for intrusion. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other fauna can easily take up residence in and around your property, which can expose you to real health and safety risks. There are ways to keep wildlife in the wild without harming you, your property, or the environment. For safe, effective, and humane wildlife control, count on Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911 of Delmar, DE. As your dependable wildlife removal company, we provide the resources you need to preserve the privacy and integrity of your home or business.

Wild animal removal methods include: live trapping, physical capture, one-way devices, bat cones, colony traps and more. For long-term prevention, wildlife exclusion also known as animal or rodent proofing is a proven method for sealing wild animals out of a structure. Our animal removal specialists will implement the best management practices for every type of wild animal situation.

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We are Sussex County Delaware’s best solution for wildlife removal and control of nuisance rodents and wildlife from your attic, in your home, in your crawlspace, or in your yard. We remove roof rats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, birds, and more. Searching for 24/7 emergency wildlife or animal removal services in the Sussex County DE area? We offer 24/7 emergency wildlife animal removal services in Delmar, Delaware and the surrounding areas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays!

Raccoons are natural scavengers, and they can invade your garbage and create a mess. On top of their sanitary concerns, they are also aggressive. This makes them prime vectors for rabies. Protect your home and yard with Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911’s proven raccoon removal service. We ensure these bandits think twice before intruding on your property.

Wilkins Wildlife & BedBug 911 removal division specializes in wildlife removal, animal control and structural bird control and bird proofing for your home or business. We strive to provide our customers and the wildlife with the safest and most effective wildlife removal techniques at our disposal. Unlike our bedbugs heat treatment services, our wildlife removal service focuses on integrated wildlife management, which involves evaluating every aspect of a given situation and combining several strategies for eliminating the problem. We will inspect your residence, identify the animal control issue and design a program that’s right for you and your family. Our practices are closely regulated by the county and state of Delaware to ensure all nuisance wildlife is removed humanely. We also understand the important balance in nature and personally strive to protect all animals in our process. In the unfortunate event that an animal has died in a difficult to reach place in your home, like your attic, we can provide removal, clean-up and odor services.

Wilkins Wildlife specializes in a multitude of wildlife removal services including; squirrel removal, raccoon removal, bat removal, rat removal, snake removal and a magnitude of other wildlife control services. We have years of experience in humane animal removal services, including wild animal control, wildlife relocation, dead animal removal, animal trapping, animal damage repairs and more.

It is important that you don’t try to handle wildlife and animal control problems on your own as wild animals are unpredictable and, if provoked, can react aggressively. When it comes to safely and effectively removing wildlife from your home, trust the Wilkins Wildlife experts! Our exterminators are highly skilled at resolving nuisance wildlife problems humanely and know the tricks for keeping pests away for the long term.

Your local expert for bat, bird, & wild animal removal from urban to rural environments, we share the earth with a variety of animals. From birds to bats and rats to raccoons, there are any number of creatures who reside within your neighborhood. However, your home is not their natural habitat! For Sussex County DE wildlife control, the professional team at Wilkins Wildlife is your solution to local wildlife control. We provide safe and humane ways to get rid of unwanted house guests and protect your home from future intruders, from our office in Delmar. If you’re having trouble with wildlife in your home or office, we can provide fast, effective, honest, and reliable service to solve the problem.

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